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Who is Sean StarWars?

Hey! This is Sean Starwars.I live in Laurel,Mississippi with my wife and five kids. I make a lot of woodcuts and drink a lot of Mountain Dew. I have my MFA in printmaking from LSU and a Graphic  Design certificate from SCAD. I am proud to be  one of  the  infamous Outlaw Printmakers  along with such legends as Tom Huck, Bill Fick, and Dennis Mcnett. I like to make eight to ten visiting artist trips a year  so maybe I'll be coming to a school near you! Or better yet, maybe you are thinking of a way to harness the power of my woodcut madness to benefit your company. If so, let's get it on! I work hard and fast . if you have an idea for a project, I'm ready! Drop by my Printshop if you're ever in Laurel on your way to New Orleans or something. It's the Woodcut Funhouse , and its downtown 408 A Magnolia Street, Laurel.MS